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How do I transfer my domain name to your registrar?

To transfer domain names to our registrar, please see:

Please Read This First: If you are moving your site to our servers from another hosting company, you will need to change the DNS (Domain Name Server) entries for your domain name when your site is ready (see for more info on that).

IMPORTANT: We recommend that you wait to transfer a domain name to our registrar until after you've changed the DNS entries, because the DNS entries can not be changed on a domain name that is in the transfer process, and while DNS changes can usually be done within 24 hours, transfers can take several days to complete.

You should first upload your site's current pages and files to the IP address you received from us when you ordered. You do not want to change your NameServer entries until you have finished this, because your domain name will point to a site with no pages, causing down-time for your site. (an IP address can be used like a domain name, so you'll upload your pages using that, and then when the NameServers are changed, your domain name will point to your new site with us.)

At the end of the propagation period (24 to 72 hours) you should verify that you've been switched over, and then contact your previous host to have them delete the old domain from their records and update their DNS record. If you use this same provider for your Internet access you will not be able to access your domain site until they update their DNS.

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