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How do I setup the contact form(s)?

You can find step by step instructions on how to setup the template contact forms here:

That is part of a comprehensive, search-able help directory for all things template related here:
(You can also contact template support personel for more help at the above link)

Some common problems to check for are:

  • Be sure that the formmail script is named exactly like it is in your contact form.

  • For example, if the "post" line in your contact web page is looking for formmail.cgi and the script in your cgi-bin is actually named FormMail.cgi, then it won't work (capital letter matter as it's case sensitive). If the page is looking for and you have formmail.cgi, it won't work. (you can simply rename one or the other so that they match)

  • Be sure that you upload your formmail script to your cgi-bin in ASCII mode, and not Binary mode, or it won't work.
  • Be sure to set the permissions of the formmail script to CHMOD 755 (executable) or it will not work.

Again, you can find more troubleshooting help here:

If you would like to have us setup your contact form for you, it's one of the services that we provide at no charge to our hosting customers. Just contact our sales department and let them know the domain name where you want it installed, and the email address you want it to send to. Please note that it must be an email address that ends with your domain name.

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