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How do I change my password?

If you have your current password, you can use your control panel located here:
( http://YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/cgi-bin/plusmail )
to login and change the password for your main user account as well as for your plusmail control panel. (the control panel has its own login, so there are really two places to change the password)

Click on "User Manager" in the menu to your left, click the little dot next to YOUR-DOMAIN and then use the blanks under it to type/retype a new password. This will change the main FTP/SSH password for your account.

To change the password for the control panel, click on "Password Manager" in the menu to your left, and then check the box next to YOUR-DOMAIN under the bold heading of "Plusmail User" and type/retype your new password into the blanks under it.

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