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How do I switch to your hosting company and move my website to your service?

We're thrilled to have you hosting with us!
When you order hosting, you'll receive more detailed instructions on how to go about doing all of this, but the basic steps are:

1.) Order a new hosting account with us.

2.) Upload a copy of your template or website to the IP address we will give you when you order. You'll use this IP address just like a domain name, and in that way you can view your site and make whatever changes you want before it goes "live" to the public.

3.) Using the IP address we give you, login to your control panel and setup all email accounts/forwardings that you want to use.

4.) Once everything is setup just like you want it, you'll need to change the DNS entries of your domain name to point to our servers, so we can make it point to your new account with us. ( see: )

5.) Allow 48 hours or so for the DNS change to propagate world-wide, and then if everything is like you want it to be, it should be safe to cancel your old hosting account.

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