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How do I setup my email features?

E-Mail Forwarding And E-Mail Software Setup

E-Mail Forwarding allows you to redirect mail sent to your domain to another e-mail address. For example, perhaps you would like all mail sent to to be sent to You would add a redirect much like the picture below is set up.


Follow These Steps For E-Mail Forwarding

  1. Go to your control panel at
  2. Do NOT delete the default e-mail that is setup in the first row of the form. (as shown above)
  3. Add a new redirect in the second row. You can add any name you would like, and use that e-mail on your website, or business cards.
  4. Add the single email, or email addresses you would like that mail to go to. (as shown above. Line 3 has 2 redirects)
  5. Wait at least one hour and then test your new e-mail by sending an e-mail to the new "" e-mail that you set up. It should come into the mail that you indicated in your control panel in the "Forward To" field.

Follow These Steps To Receive All E-mail From Your Domain

If you would like all the e-mail that comes into your website with your new or existing domain to come into software setup on your computer, please follow the instructions below.
  1. Open the e-mail software that you plan to use for receiving e-mail that is on your computer. (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora...)
  2. Set the software up to receive e-mail at "" Substitute both instances with your domain name. For example use:
  3. This is your global e-mail. Any mail that comes into "" will go to you. For example, or will now all come into your software that is configured as ""

More Detailed E-mail Information

How you setup your email is going to depend on what email program you are using.
You can find more help with the specifics of setting up an email client here:

You can setup your email program to check your email at your domain, or you can use your current email address of, and simply forward all email from your hosting account to that email address.

To just forward everything, go to your control panel here:

login, then click on "email forwarding"

Then, under the default line (do not edit the default line) in the farthest empty box to the left, put: "yourdomain" (no "" marks) then in the next blank to the right of that blank, put: "" (again, no "" marks) then click the button at the bottom of the page that saves the changes. Then, any email sent to your domain name ( will go to your account.

Adding a Separate Mailbox

If you want to have a separate mailbox that has its own login and password:

Login to your control panel and click on "User Manager" from the menu on the left. Then, click on "Add User" at the top of that page. Then, in the "Username" blank, put the front of the email address. For example, if you want for the email address, you'd put "example" in the "Username" blank. (again, no "" marks) After that, leave the "Type" set at "POP" and put in whatever password you want that email account to use in the "Password" blank. Leave the "Directory" blank empty, and click the "Setup" button. Wait fifteen minutes or so, and then the account should be setup.

If you get the message that the name is already in use, please see the url below for a fix:

E-Mail Programs

To setup your email program to send and receive email through your hosting account, please see the article here and/or the manual located here: and click on "full manual" on the menu to your left, and then see the section labeled "Email management" (bottom left hand side of the first box of links)

Web Based E-Mail Programs:

To use SquirrelMail (a web based email program like hotmail and yahoo):
Simply go to:

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