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How to setup a pop account and what to do if you get the message that the userid is already in use.

From the Plusmail Control panel located here:

  1. select "User Manager"

  2. click on "Add User"

  3. You can then add the account. The screen loads for adding a POP account by default.
    After you establish the account, it takes about 5-10 minutes to become active.

If you get the message that the username is already taken, don't panic. There's an easy work-around. You share the server with other domains. Each users, Telnet, FTP or Email is setup as a user on the server. So recieving the message:

"The userid you requested is already in use by someone on this server, please select another."

Just means that the USERID is already taken by another domain. A user name can only be used ONCE per server. If this is a name such as "sales" you can use a redirect that will make the name valid and just redirect email to a valid POP box.

In other words, you can setup a pop account of and then setup a redirect that forwards all email sent to to and as long as you have your email program is setup to show the return address of then your customers shouldn't ever even know the difference.

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