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Website Submission Service

Search engines are very complicated, and temperamental beasts. Some of them take up to six months to list you, if they decide to list you at all (like Yahoo, for example, which is a directory, and not a true search engine - meaning they submit sites by hand to their directory, and not automatically, and they choose who they want, when they want, etc...)

The submission service, is a very basic service that assumes that you have already designed the site to be as search engine friendly as possible, which in itself is a difficult task. (selecting keywords, having proper meta tags and page titles, properly weighted keywords in your text, and even in your image's alt tags, and other criteria designed to satisfy the engines)

There are many things you can do to increase your ranking with the search engines, and most every engine has a different set of rules and/or conditions that it wants met, so what might be good to get you ranked highly with one engine, might disqualify you from another. On top of this already difficult situation, most engines change these things frequently, so what works today, might not work tomorrow.

We have some software that can help you prepare pages of your site specifically designed to give each engine what it wants, by constantly researching each engine to find out exactly what it is that the engine wants. This software can give you a much better idea of where your site will rank once it is submitted/accepted by the engine, and it can even monitor your position so you'll know when the engine has changed and you need to update to stay as high as possible.

You can download a free trial copy of this software, as well as learn a lot more about it here:

There is also another service you might find very helpful. It's called the Internet Success Spider. You can find more info about it and the other search engine optimization resources mentioned above

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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