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How do I setup an autoresponder to send a message and still get a copy of the email to read?

With the Plusmail control panel, you can setup an autoresponder with the same name as a user email box so that the email also gets sent to the email box by creating the autoresponder with the same name as the email user, and then create an email forwarder with that same name forwarding to that

As an example, let's say your hosted account with us is: -- You have a pop3 email account of set up -- You want all email sent to that address to get an automatic email back but you still need to see the email they sent.

1) Set up your autoresponder using your control panel and name it: john
2) Look up your server name on the main page of your control panel
(This will be something like secure: - the plus9 is the server name - leave the rest off when you create the forwarder.)
3) Create a FORWARDER for: john
4) Have it direct to

This way email sent to the user will send the autoresponder to the sender and still end up in your email box.

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